Internal projects

  • SGS18/PřF/2015-2016: Development of Western Carpathians and east-sudetic mountains landscape regarding to recent natural hazards
  • SGS19/PřF/2014 Geomorphological a geoecological development of marginal mountains of Czech massif and Western Carpathians
  • SGS15/PřF/2013 Geomorphology and geoecology of mountain and sub-mountain regions
  • sgs04/PřF/2012 Slope deformations and valley floors development int the unstable flysch rocks builded areas
  • SGS6/PRF/2011 Deep seated slope deformations, recent landslides and valley floor development
  • SGS5/PřF/2010 Deep seated slope deformations and their influence on slope and fluvial morphosystems (morphological responses comparation of tectonically elevated ridges of Outer Western Carpathians and Crimean mountains)