Effect of historical climatic and hydrometeorological extremes on slope and fluvial processes in the Western Beskydy Mts. and their forefield

The aim of the presented project is to correlate geomorphic and sedimentary evidence of hazardous geomorphological processes and relevant time series of historical climatic and hydrometeorological events in sensitive landscape of the Western Beskydy Mountains and their forefield. The targeted time period is the last millennium and the main effort is to reveal climatic and consequent geomorphic feedbacks of the Little Ice Age. Geomorphological, sedimentological and geochronological methods will make it possible to define historical phases of intensified sediment pulses connected with accelerated mass wasting, fluvial aggradation and development of alluvial fans. Techniques of historical climatology connected with statistical analysis will be used for the determination of relative importance of climatological and anthropogenic aspects of the occurrence of historical catastrophic geomorphic processes. Obtained relationships between climatic and geomorphic processes will be used in order to construct future scenarios, especially in the context of possible future climatic changes.