Late Quaternary evolution of the complex gravitational slope deformations on the southern slopes of the Crimean Mountains (Ukraine)

The aim of the proposed project is to create a general model of the evolution of slope failures in the area of southern slopes of the Crimean Mountains. This area seems to be a key-locality from the point of view of Late Quaternary slope instabilities within non-glaciated mountains of SE Europe. Slope transects will be identi ed for spatio-temporal analysis and for the determination of slope instability progress and the preparatory and triggering factors. The role of karsti cation will be assessed in connection with gravitational massif disruption and propagation of various types of slope deformations. The role of palaeoenvironmental changes will be studied within a constructed mass movement chronology. Numerical (14C, U/Th, 36Cl) and dendrogeomorphological dating methods (tree-ring analysis of dominant Crimean pine trees, ~400ys old trees) will be used in the creation of a detailed slope instability chronology. Genesis and activity of speci c slope failures will be used as proxy data for the determinantion of Late Quaternary conditions for the morphogenesis of mountain relief.