prof. Karel Šilhán, Ph.D.

  • ksHead of the Lab
  • Professor on OSU and UHK
  • Supervisor in doctoral study (Environmental geography; Applied biology and ecology)
  • Lab PR
  • h-index: 27 (WoS)


  • dendrogeomorphology
  • dynamical geomorphology
  • slope processes
  • landslides
  • tree-ring anatomy

Studied regions:

Outer Western Carpathias, Czech cretaceous table, České středohoří Mts., Tatra Mts. (Slovakia), Slovenské rudohoří Mts. (Slovakia), Borská lowland (Slovakia), Kamenné hory (Poland), Crimean Mts. (Ukraine), Kavkaz (Russia), Căliman (Rumunsko), Taurus (Turkey), Crete (Greece), Patagonia (Argentina), Traunstein (Austria)

Hobbies: fishing, triathlon (ironman)

Peer-reviewed impacted publications:


  • Lenart, J., Šilhán, K., in revision. Chronic rockfall in abandoned quarry: chronology, modelling and implications. Catena
  • Šilhán, K., Brázdil, R., Zahradníček, P., Řehoř, J., Balek, J., Trnka, M., in review. Combination of triggers for landslide reactivation on structural relief of gently dipping Cretaceous rocks: results from intra-annual tree-ring based dating. Catena
  • Šilhán, K., Balek, J., Klimeš, J., Blahůt, J., Hartvich, F., Raška, P., Riezner, J., Šťastný, M., in review. Complete historical chronology of complex landslide movements? Improving the treering based results using extended multidisciplinary approach. Landslides
  • Feher, R., Šilhán, K., Fabiánová, A., Voiculescu, M., in review. Dendrogeomorphic assessment of rockfall activity and its potential triggers in Outer Western Carpathians: a case study under structural escarpment. Catena
  • Schlesinger, F., Šilhán, K., in review. Tree-ring based analysis of shallow creep: possibilities and limits on a case study on
    flysch rocks. Catena
  • Pop, O.T., Tichavský, R., Germain, D., Šilhán, K., Decaulne, A., Horváth, C., in review. Reconstructing the seasonal timing for debris-flow occurrence in the mining area of Calimani Mountains (Eastern Carpathians, Romania) using dendrogeomorphic methods. Geomorphology
  • Feher, R., Voiculescu, M., Šilhán, K., in review. Spatio-temporal reconstruction of anthropogenically accelerated soil creep:Bâlea glacial valley, Romanian Carpathians. Catena
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